About Us

About Us

I Started Goo Goo Lashes Beauty Cosmetics with only one thing in mind to to empower and enhance the inner beauty of ones self, with quality luxury affordable products. I love wearing make up, I even put on my make up if I am just popping to the shops ( you never know who you might see). I especially like putting on show my eyes and lips. It is said the eyes are the window to the soul and with your mouth you can create and set your path into motion.

Accentuating your best features makes you feel good and you feel empowered.

I was using different brands and buying expensive products that were not always so aesthetically flattering or meant for all face types or skin tones. I didn't feel confident and at times left me feeling awkward.

I wanted to build a brand that was inclusive.

Goo Goo Lashes Beauty Cosmetics aims to be the go to brand for comfortable, natural with longevity, vegan free and cruelty free luxury lashes and statement lip colours. Our aim is to empower your beauty from within and let it be your statement. Your whole aesthetic is your statement.

Come with us on our journey as we grow and expand our cosmetics line.